February may be the shortest month of the year but it was jam-packed with progress for MPower, our spa partners, and the students. New tools are coming online for partners to view resources and lead progress. New payment options and grants are in the pipeline. And the new online education platform will be live soon!

Program Status Updates

Our program continues to be active in: Virginia, Arizona, Alaska, West Virginia, Washington DC, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Florida (current students), Ohio, New Jersey and Utah. If you are in one of these states and are not signed up yet, give us a shout and we can start the process (for updated details on how to start, see below). We have laid out the path to the post-secondary licensing application processes described above:

Applications Planned for Q2: Maryland, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Washington

Reminder, if you are not signed up yet and want to learn more about how the program works, register for the weekly Discovery Webinar – use this link: and any specific questions / inquiries about partnering with MPower can be sent to:

General Operations Updates

There are quite a few significant Operations updates that will make positive impacts to our program and partnerships.  

Our education team has been working extremely hard to transition to the new and improved Learning Management System platform: Canvas! 

Spa partners will soon have access to the new, dynamic Client Portal, allowing access to a suite of resources like FAQ and reference documents as well as real-time insights into lead management and student program progression. For those spas already onboarded with us, look out for an invitation for a “walk-through” of this new and important tool. New partners will have the opportunity to learn more about the portal through the onboarding process.

And speaking of leads and students, we are also putting into place a new payment option for which every applicant will qualify, reducing yet another barrier for interested leads.

Marketing Reminders

Throughout the month of February, our team is offering a free massage table for anyone who enrolls and completes a portion of the training. We often run promotions throughout the year and each lead in our system (no matter their status) will receive notification by email about the deal. This has proven to be a good way to re-engage with some people who may have been hesitant and less responsive to our communications. We look forward to gathering information about the effectiveness of these promotions and sharing it with you next month.

There are also upcoming changes to how Facebook Job Posts will work but the platform is indicating that pages will be able to continue to use Jobs on Facebook tools to create postings on the app and desktop website. We will keep everyone posted with any updates.   


Success Stories

Members of the MPower executive team attended the American Massage Therapy Association’s (AMTA) Schools Summit in San Antonio, Texas last week. AMTA is the largest nonprofit, professional association serving massage therapists, massage students and massage schools for over 75 years. This event brought together more than 150 massage school educators, administrators and industry leaders allowing for productive meetings and networking. According to the results of the AMTA 2021 Massage Profession Research Report that were presented at the Summit, the average number of enrollments for massage therapy schools (across all campuses) was 39 for 2021. Our program has over 120 enrolled students that have work agreements with Hand and Stone spas. We received overwhelming support for the program at the Schools Summit and very much look forward to working closely with AMTA and our partners to continue this progress!