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We connect those willing to learn new skills with employers looking to hire. This allow us to offer training and certification programs at a fraction of the typical cost.

Ex. The national average cost of a massage therapy certification program is $13,400. The average cost for our students is under $3,000 and leads directly to job opportunities. 

Candidates Seeking Careers

M|Powers’ Innovative Hybrid Training

Employers Needing More Staff

Candidates Seeking Careers

M|Powers’ Innovative Hybrid Training

Employers Needing More Staff

Accessible, Affordable, Real Job Opportunities

Our mission is to provide more opportunities for those seeking a career in health, wellness, or beauty industries by offering training that is:

  • More Affordable
  • More Accessible
  • Leads Directly to Employment

M|Power offers these in-demand programs for a fraction of the traditional cost and has innovative e-learning and hybrid options for today’s learner.

Hear what our students have to say:

There are many employers [spas, wellness centers, gyms, hotels, doctors’ offices, hospitals, pain centers, and more] that are looking for licensed, credentialed, trained staff (in massage therapy, skin care, and other related positions). There are not enough licensed practitioners to meed the demand and fill their job openings.

Enter M|Power Education, who works with these employers to craft custom training solutions so that candidates can get trained for the open positions quickly and affordably

Here’s how it works

Candidates looking to become a massage therapist

Looks at traditional massage school and realizes it costs $13,400 on average and takes 9-12 months!

Massage clinic is not able to meet the demand for massage services

Clinic teams up with M|Power, offers the M|Power program the their location and offers scholarships and a job for candidates

Candidate now can take M|Power’s program for $2,000 (after scholarship) and has a guaranteed job upon completion

Clinic can now meet the demand for their services

How are M|Power programs different?

  1. Technology – elearnings for today’s learner. Students can take classes from the convenience and safety of their own home
  2. Employer-focused – Aligning students with employers at the beginning of the training to keep costs down and giving students a job once they are finished training
  3. Scholarships and grants – M|Power in partnership with employers seek out and provide students with the scholarships, grants and funding

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