Welcome to our second newsletter!

We have been busy since our last newsletter. Below you will find updates on the program’s progress in several states, an overview of the steps to get started with our program for those of you who are not on board yet, important marketing reminders, and some great news out of Pennsylvania as classes are getting ready to start! And, while we have you here, we want to share a quick reminder of the nature of employer sponsorship. As employers with job openings and a need for more massage therapists, your offer to sponsor a student lessens the financial burden of traditional massage school costs, allowing them to complete the training. In exchange for that sponsorship, the student agrees to work for the employers once they become licensed. Employers are one of the most important stakeholders in the industry and this sponsorship is an effective way to meet consumer demand with quality licensed massage therapists.

State Updates

Below is the current list of states and their program statuses. If you are in one of the states where we are active and have not signed up yet, please reach out and we can start the process (for more details on how to get started, please see the next section below on Operational Updates). There has been great progress on the roadmap to state approval. Applications and paperwork have been submiteed to Oklahoma and Colorado with several more on deck!

Operations Updates

You have learned about our program and want to sign-up but not sure what the next step is? Starting with MPower is really simple -> the very first step is to book a call with our Director of Development, Gillian, on her Calendly link: https://calendly.com/gillian-45

This sets up an appointment to chat with Gillian about the program, the processes and answer any preliminary questions you might have. After the call, she will send over the Program Application and the Scholarship Wage form. As soon as you fill those out and send them back, she sets up an Onboarding call for your team to meet ours (managers typically have one or two staff members on the call that may need to know more about the program). On this call, the MPower Team will describe in detail the processes we use to make sure you get quality candidates into the program and will introduce ways you should market your scholarship opportunity. And, of course, we can address any questions you and your team may have at the time.

Marketing Reminders

The most successful spas filling classes are using different ideas on the Marketing Reference sheet provided to you upon partnership with MPower. H&S Corporate will assist with certain efforts and the local marketing efforts should be done to ensure you’re getting the highest enrollment numbers possible to have more therapists working for you. Diving into just 1 idea on that list will not be very effective in most cases. MPower does not encourage you to spend money on any avenue that is not working for your local market. Try a few different things and see what the most effective! If you need this list again, please email gillian@mpowereducation.com.

Very Important Reminder –  please do not deviate from the marketing language provided in the Marketing Reference document.

Success Stories

There is exciting news for several spas in Pennsylvania, Classes are Starting! Thanks to our partners and education team, several locations will be starting their classes soon and we wish everyone a very successful academic endeavor!

Wilkes-Barre classes started Thursday the 28th with a 4 classes every week led by instructor Sherrie Petrowski-McDade.

The team at Feasterville will start on November 9th with four classes a week headed up by instructor Alassa Barnet-England.

The collaboration between the McMurray, St Claire, and Liberty locations means there is a start date of November 23rd in the books.  

For spas in the Harrisburg area, the education facility is ready and plans to start classes no later than the first week of December.

Another reminder: the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia education facilities are available and ready if anyone in that area is looking to join the program.