Massage Therapy Certification Programs

We help employers grow their own therapist base

M|Power has created the first end-to-end massage therapist training and staffing solution for employers in the industry.

Your business depends on your therapist supply. The quality, the fit within your culture and the retention of your top talent are paramount. M|Power’s innovative recruiting and training program for massage therapists allows employers to gain control of their therapist supply chain.

DEMAND for well trained massage therapists is greater than the SUPPLY of massage therapists.

Getting worse, not better:

  • The # of massage programs in the US is at the lowest point since 2000 – massage programs are shutting down across the country
  • The # of graduates from this depleted # of programs is at the lowest rate since 1998 – down 37% since 2014
  • 35% of those graduates never enter the workforce – either failing or never sitting for the MBLEx

Program Details


High quality program – hybrid online and in-person, instructor led, synchronous instruction.


Program administered through state approved schools, colleges, and universities.


Program available in 18 states & growing


Comprehensive marketing and recruiting systems in place to drive enrollments .


Plug-in solution – become a “school” without the time, expense, compliance, or extra staffing.


Grow your staff internally while reinforcing your culture and creating long-term, loyal therapists.

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M|Power offers these in-demand programs for a fraction of the traditional cost and has innovative e-learning and hybrid options for today’s learner.

We use M|Power’s program in our spas and have added 6-8 new therapists per year, per location. Being able to offer students hands-on training at our facility has given us the ability to ensure they are professionally trained and offer them employment at the same time. This system has successfully boosted our ability to meet staffing needs to keep up with consumer demand for the services. There has been no risk, and all reward! The ROI is unbelievable. Without this program we would be losing tens of thousands of dollars each year in lost revenue. We look forward to our continued relationship with M|Power Education as their services are vital for our industry success.

General Manager, Sedona, AZ