Although January is a month of new beginnings, the willpower to honor resolutions is sometimes tested as the winter days pass. We are brimming with continued resolve to provide productive partnerships with you and impeccable education to the students. We are seeing progress in program expansions to new states, marketing insights and great feedback on our first detailed Hand and Stone-specific webinar.

General Operations Updates

Webinar success! We are offering detailed insights into our program through a series of Educational Hand and Stone-specific webinars. 

MPower Founder, Pete Medd presented “Understanding Post-Secondary Licensing” to interested Hand and Stone participants on Thursday January 13th. This webinar laid out the program’s background, extensive approvals, and quality controls, the challenges faced by the program as a market-disrupter, as well as the path moving forward: securing post-secondary licenses state-by-state. These licenses granted by the Board of Education eliminate any subjective actions by a state’s massage board, allowing for MPower to operate with our approved curriculum as we are currently doing in Arizona and Virginia. The application process is headed by our newly appointed Director of Compliance, Christe Bomber with a lot of support from the entire highly-qualified team.

If you were unable to attend in person, the recording is available in Franconnect in the Hub> Library> Manuals & Documents> Massage Materials>MPower.

Don’t miss out on the next webinar, “How to Establish a Wage and Scholarship Structure for your Spa” on Thursday, January 20th at 2 pm (registration is not required).

Program Status Updates

Our program continues to be active in: Virginia, Arizona, Alaska, West Virginia, Washington DC, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Florida (current students), Ohio, New Jersey and Utah. If you are in one of these states and are not signed up yet, give us a shout and we can start the process (for updated details on how to start, see below). We have laid out the path to the post-secondary licensing application processes described above:

Post-Secondary Licensing pathway details are below:

Applications Planned for Q2: Maryland, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Washington

Reminder, if you are not signed up yet and want to learn more about how the program works, register for the weekly Discovery Webinar – use this link: and any specific questions / inquiries about partnering with MPower can be sent to:

Marketing Reminders

Marketing your scholarship opportunity is the only way to guarantee potential students come through your door to become LMTs. Speak to your Enrollment Manager today to discuss the lead source breakdown. They will be able to help you understand where leads are coming from and what those conversion rates look like. This will help you better understand the unique audience for these scholarships and the best tools to use to target them. Facebook and the microsites on the spa’s webpage produce quality leads for students in some areas and in others, it is job board postings and posters. Check in with your Enrollment Manager for more information on how to purse out more details on quality lead sources.


Success Stories

We are excited to share a success story today from our Regional Education Director, Robin Anderson who just got word that her book, Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Post-Operative Recovery – Creating the Flow will be published by Handspring Publishing.  

“One of the overarching goals of this book is to provide a valuable resource for both manual therapists and physicians in promoting interprofessional collaboration for realizing ultimate patient benefit and ideal treatment outcomes.”

We are so proud of Robin for tackling this important topic and penning this impressive manuscript in her “spare time” (we assume she must never sleep!).