Welcome Message from MPower CEO, Pete Medd

We are very excited to begin this bi-weekly newsletter as a way to communicate with you about our program.  What is Mpower?  Is it a school?  Is it an online platform?  Mpower is a solution that is trying to solve a decades long problem in the massage therapy industry – a lack of qualified massage therapists.  We partner with employers (who offer scholarships, future employment, and sometimes space to do training) to open the funnel to more candidates to join our profession.  Our hybrid program is used by partner schools and sometimes schools that we own and operate, to lower the barrier of entry, lower costs, and increase access.  Mpower goes about solving this problem differently in each and every state we operate in so there is no “one size fits all” answer to what we are.  But who we are can be answered as a dedicated team of educators, enrollment specialists, account managers and innovators looking to solve a very big problem in the industry.  We are passionate about helping people start new careers in massage therapy and we look forward to working with you to bring more therapists to your spas. Pete Medd CEO

State Updates

Please see the below chart to see if we are currently active in your state and for our state approval roadmap.  Any updates to state statuses and timelines will be put in this section in future newsletters.

Operations Updates

We will be providing updates and general information on the processes and procedures related to our program and partnership with Hand and Stone. Over the next few weeks, we will dive into the details on how to sign-up and implement this program at your location. There are five main phases to joining the program:

Phase 1 – Sign up, we will share the details on who to contact and what to expect during this first stage of the process

Phase 2 – Set up, from onboarding calls to identifying instructors, this phase is the most comprehensive

Phase 3 – Marketing/Interviewing, we break down the different marketing strategies you have at your disposal through Hand and Stone’s Marketing department, best practices for the scholarship meet and greet with prospective students and exactly how our awesome enrollment team handles leads and turns them into students and what reporting to expect.

Phase 4 – Training, we will explain the training philosophies and approaches, details about our curriculum, schedules for courses, and how our Education Team manages online students and support in-person instruction.

Phase 5 – Licensure/Onboarding, the final phase prepares students to sit for the MBLEx licensing exam and any other applicable state exams and starts their contractual work at your spa.

Marketing Reminders

We are pleased to be partnering so closely with the incredible team at HSM Advertising who are the main point of contact for all your marketing needs regarding this program. They will ensure that all the messaging is accurate and on brand. With their expertise in marketing and creating cohesive resources for every spa to utilize, we are confident this program will be successful in every market.

Hand and Stone Marketing team is there to support your promotional efforts including social media pushes like Facebook ads and Facebook Job Posts, turning on and customizing each location’s unique microsite, and providing email marketing templates. Not only are they there to create and share the marketing, they will also monitors and analyzes efforts to develop best practices.

Some metrics to keep in mind:

  • Our enrollment team converts about 7.5% of all leads into enrollments (MUCH higher than industry average). So that means it takes about 15 leads to get one enrollment and 60-70 leads to get a class of 4 on average.  Every market is different and every student is different but over time, those averages will take hold.
  • Our enrollment team contacts every lead within 24 hours (within 48 if it comes over on a weekend) and contacts the lead 7 times within the first 2 weeks
  • Because this is education, and the prospect is making a huge life decision and will be on the hook for thousands of dollars, the enrollment process can take some time so please be patient when we first get started with you! It will take a few months for the marketing to take hold and for our enrollment team to work through all the interested candidates and for the sales cycle to play out.  No one has enrolled more massage therapy students over the past couple years than the team at Mpower!

Success Stories

We also want to take the opportunity to celebrate the success stories along the way. We know everyone works so hard to make their business a success and we think it is important to take a moment to highlight those people and organizations that are doing incredible things; the instructors, students, franchisees, etc.

For this first newsletter, we focus on Andrew Elsbury. Andrew is working with MPower in Virginia with his three spas in the Richmond and Charlottesville markets. Andrew and his team are currently sponsoring 17 enrolled students, several of which are close to completing the training! The Elsbury team has embraced the program with several of their staff serving as instructors for the school/program. Manager Jackie Cook is currently an administrator for the program as well as an excellent hands-on instructor. We look forward to the first Hand and Stone graduates from the Elsbury team in the very near future with many more to follow!  

The Elsbury Group’s new training classroom is ready to welcome the next set of students!
Jackie Cook, LMT, manager for Elsbury’s Hand and Stone Massage locations and Mpower program advocate!