M|Power your workforce

M|Power has created the first end-to-end massage therapist staffing solution for employers in the industry.

Your business depends on your therapist supply. The quality, the fit within your culture and the retention of your top talent are paramount. M|Power works with employers to involve them in the front end training process —by facilitating relationships with our students from day 1.  This allows employers to participate in the creation of the therapist supply chain, while lowering the cost for students and giving them a real career opportunity once they are finished training and become licensed.

DEMAND for well trained massage therapists is greater than the SUPPLY of massage therapists.

Getting worse, not better:

  • The # of massage programs in the US is at the lowest point since 2000 – massage programs are shutting down across the country
  • The # of graduates from this depleted # of programs is at the lowest rate since 1998 – down 37% since 2014
  • 35% of those graduates never enter the workforce – either failing or never sitting for the MBLEx

We work with Employers by:

  • Aligning them with innovative programs where they can play a bigger role in developing their workforce for the future — by offering scholarships and future job opportunities to students.  
  • The result?  Lower costs for students and real employment opportunities once they complete the training.  
  • Employer’s benefit from access to these future employees — it’s a win-win for everyone 

Contact us today for more information on how partnering with M|Power can add to your therapist supply and to your bottom line.

  • Employers can meet demand – capture lost revenue
  • Build a strong culture & minimize turnover
  • Minimize onboarding and re-training time
  • Retain top talent – growth potential for senior staff
  • Confidently plan growth and expansion
  • Gain a competitive edge in marketplace