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Outsourced Programs 

We have created several “off-the-shelf” programs that are ready to be deployed by your school or organization.  Our in-demand healthcare and wellness courses are primarily online however our innovative Massage Therapy Certification Program is a hybrid online and classroom offering.  All courses are compliant with national and state guidelines (where licensure is the end goal) and are easily branded to your institution.  We provide qualified instructors for the courses (both online and classroom) and work with our partners to market to and successfully enroll potential students into the programs.

There is no upfront cost for schools to adopt our programs and we work with institutions to add the programs to their schools via state approvals and working with accrediting agencies.  Our decades of experience working with institutions of higher education ensure that the programs easily and efficiently get added to a school’s offerings.  These state of the art programs and courses are ready to be added to your catalogs and our career development initiative ensures students successfully achieve gainful employment upon finishing their program of study.

Our partners are able to adopt new, in-demand programs with no upfront cost in place quickly with little work for the school themselves.  Then we work with our partners to fill those courses with students, driving enrollments & revenue.  There is no need to spend tens of thousands of dollars and waste months or years of time developing new programs and revenue opportunities — partner with mpower education and empower your growth.