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Course Development 

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Whether you are converting a course from a classroom delivery to an online course or starting a new e learning program from scratch – you can trust mpower education to use the most cutting edge instructional design and the most current technologies to create engaging, dynamic, interactive courses.

From organizing the course by starting with the desired learning outcomes, we work with our clients to create a memorable online course using the most up to date e learning authoring software.  We then set up and deploy the program on the right Learning Management System for our client and manage the student enrollment and access.  All courses are available on mobile, tablet, & PC – available anywhere there is an internet connection.

We help digitize your quizzes, activities, presentations and add dynamic components such as video, discussion forums, and drag and drop interactions & exercises.  We have built dozens of online courses numbering over 1000 hours of content that are used and trusted by some of the biggest and most respected institutions in the country.  Contact us if you have a project you’d like us to look at.