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Outsourced Programs

Create more enrollment opportunities with zero upfront cost or risk.  We have in-demand programs ready to be added to your catalog that are already being utilized at some of the top institutions of higher ed in the country.  Branded to your institution and minimal set-up time.


Course Development

Using the most current state of the art technologies for course authoring and course deployment, we can take your course from offline to online efficiently and cost effectively.  Our team of instructional designers work with clients big and small to create engaging, dynamic online courses.

e Learning Solutions

We assist clients in creating, hosting, and administering their online learning environments.  No need to hire an in-house system administrator – we can help you set-up and maintain an e learning environment without the process of finding, hiring, & managing an additional human resource.  Saving time and money.

Student Engagement

By leveraging e learning and technology, we help drive interested students to our clients and can act as enrolling agents as well.  Utilizing SEO, email marketing, social marketing and phone contact, we match students with the programs they are interested in at your institution.  All with no upfront expense.

Driving Bottom Line Growth for Schools & Organizations

Whether you are looking to outsource your program development or need assistance converting in-class courses to online, we have all your e learning solutions under one roof.

Our Clients Include: